Madisun's Arc - Daikatana

As you may be able to tell from the image (which I actually chose this time round - progress!), this review is of Daikatana, one of the biggest disappointments in gaming history. But once you cut past the myth surrounding it, how does it actually hold up?

...well, it's not good, per se...

This one took me ages to do.I had to capture all the footage for the game (I'd estimate 20 hours), and that left me with over 200 Gigs of video footage. Ugh.

Then I had to sort through and get all the clips I needed. This was an absolute chore because of the process I used. I loaded the chunks of footage into Windows Movie Maker (which would take 5 minutes for each chunk), then I would grab the bit of footage I needed (usually only around 30 seconds or so) and then convert that (which would take another couple of minutes). Then I had to import THAT into VideoPad (yet another 5 minutes) and then finally place it into the actual review.

And I had to do that for Each. And. Every. Clip.

Bear that in mind when watching this review and you'll see why it took me a week and a half.

I think I've been scared away from video games for a while! Not that it matters, I've plenty of other stuff to review that isn't a game. Still, hell of a learning curve!

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