The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice

Bit of a story behind this one.

See, at the end of the last video, I had a little coda of me passing out, ready to launch into this review. However, shortly before I was due to start scripting this one, my PC got hit with a virus, which forced me to completely re-install Windows. Gah!

So I had to install all my programs again, which took me a few days, and then I had to summon up the motivation to actually do the review, which took another day or two. In all, this review which should have taken three, maybe four, days ended up taking about 11. Talk about life imitating art.

Speaking of art, that's also why the desktop on my PC is different. I lost the old one and had to get another. Might try alternating the backgrounds instead of constantly having toys in front of it. I'm running out of toys!

But anyway. Enough backstory. Here's the video.

Fun fact. When I first released the video, there were several errors (which I've since fixed).

- The clip with the 'Love Life Lows' text wasn't edited properly, so the clip ended before the word "now" was finished being said
- I accidentally left the background audio at full volume in one of the clips after my rant about the 'ad-fades'
- The two penultimate live-action shots of me had the clipboard with the script visibly blocking the right side of the shot, because I accidentally left it covering the camera

...and all this goes to show is that you should actually test-watch your videos before compiling them!

My latest review is currently in the works - scripting's going well and I'm just getting all the footage I need. It's a video game, and it's supposed to be one of the worst ever made. That's all the hints you get!

Should be up within the next few days, my own personal lethargy notwithstanding.

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