The Crow: City of Angels: The Game

OK, so if you're at all a follower of this blog (and I'm guessing most people aren't, since I get so few views), then you may be wondering what happened to my video reviews.


See, I tend to completely forget about this blog, as you can probably tell by the dates of all my posts. It's not a regular thing for me. And when I'm busy making all these reviews, I also tend to forget to put then on here for people to see. Mostly because there's no-one around to see them.

So this is me apologising for that. When I post a video, I really should be posting it here as well as the forum I frequent. That way, I can probably double the number of people who watch them (possibly even get that number up to double digits!).

So, yeah. My bad.

Anyway. Apologies are all well and good, but how am I going to make it up to you? Well, a bunch of videos might help. :)

Here's the remake of The Crow: City of Angels: The Game I made on the 1st of February. It's meant to replace the original one, since that's really not very good. That makes this is the first official video in the series, and a good place to start. So here ya go!

Odd how that image seems to be the thumbnail on both videos, considering it's only on screen for a second. :shrug:

I'm actually pretty damn happy with this review. There's decent structure (unlike the original), the audio's pretty good, I go through everything that's wrong with the game and I think it's a pretty solid review.

There's more on the way, so make sure you check the other posts above this one.

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