Lego Doctor Who - The Classic and New Blocks (Updated)

Figured this post (originally from early 2010) could do with an update to include Matt Smith's current run.

Coming soon! Lego Doctor Who: The New Blocks! Chronicling the new series, from Rose to the End of Time and beyond! Thrill as you play through the very best of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith's adventures through time and space! Tremble as you fight the Daleks, Cybermen, Juddoon, Sontarans and the diabolical Master! Laugh as the once treasured stories are rendered in lovable bricks and quirky cutscenes!

And let's not forget the classic adventures! Lego Doctor Who: The Classic Blocks, Volumes I, II and III! Marvel as William Hartnell swaps heads with Patrick Troughton! Shiver as the Master first appears! Puzzle over how Tom Baker manages to avoid tripping on his scarf! Laugh at Colin Baker's terrible dress sense! Gasp as Paul McGann gets more then one adventure!

In stores soon, provided the BBC has even a shred of sense and lets Traveller's Tales actually make it!


The specs:

Lego Doctor Who - The Classic Blocks - Volume I

Chapter One - William Hartnell

Levels - The Daleks (aka The Mutants and The Dead Planet), Marco Polo, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Romans, The Time Meddler, The Myth Makers, The Massacre (of St Bartholomew's Eve) and The Tenth Planet [Total - 9]

Chapter Two - Patrick Troughton

Levels - The Power of the Daleks, The Highlanders, The Macra Terror, The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Ice Warriors, The Web of Fear, The Invasion, The Space Pirates and The War Games [Total - 9]

Chapter Three - Jon Pertwee

Levels - Spearhead from Space, Inferno, The Claws of Axos, The Curse of Peladon, The Sea Devils, The Three Doctors, The Green Death, Invasion (of the Dinosaurs) and Planet of the Spiders [Total - 9]

Lego Doctor Who - The Classic Blocks - Volume II

Chapter One - Tom Baker (The Early Years)

Levels - The Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks, Terror of the Zygons, Pyramids of Mars, The Seeds of Doom, The Hand of Fear, The Robots of Death, The Talons of Weng-Chiang and The Invasion of Time [Total - 9]

Chapter Two - Tom Baker (The Later Years)

Levels - The Key to Time (Parts I, II and III), City of Death, The Creature From the Pit, The Leisure Hive, Meglos, The Keeper of Traken and Logopolis [Total - 9]

Chapter Three - Peter Davison

Levels - Four to Doomsday, Black Orchid, Earthshock, Mawdryn Undead, Enlightenment, The Five Doctors, The Awakening, Resurrection of the Daleks and The Caves of Androzani [Total - 9]

Lego Doctor Who - The Classic Blocks - Volume III

Chapter One - Colin Baker

Levels - The Twin Dilemma, Attack of the Cybermen, Vengeance on Varos, The Mark of the Rani, Revelation of the Daleks and The Trial of a Time Lord (all four parts) [Total - 9]

Chapter Two - Sylvester McCoy

Levels - Time and the Rani, Delta and the Bannermen, Dragonfire, Remembrance of the Daleks, The Happiness Patrol, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Battlefield, The Curse of Fenric and Survival [Levels - 9]

Chapter Three - Paul McGann

Levels - The Movie (aka The Enemy Within) - [Audio Adventures] - Storm Warning, The Sword of Orion, Invaders from Mars, The Girl Who Never Was, Blood of the Daleks, The Zygon Who Fell to Earth, Worldwide Web and Death in Blackpool [Total - 9]

Lego Doctor Who - The New Blocks - Volume I

Chapter One - Christopher Eccleston

- Rose, The End of the World, Aliens in London, Dalek, The Empty Child, The Parting of the Ways and The Christmas Invasion (David Tennant in Eccleston's outfit) [Total - 7]

Chapter Two - David Tennant

Levels (Brown Suit) - School Reunion, Rise of the Cybermen, The Satan Pit, Doomsday and The Runaway Bride 
Levels (Blue Suit) - Smith and Jones, Evolution of the Daleks, Human Nature/The Family of Blood*, The Sounds of Drums and Last of the Time Lords** [Total - 11]
*I prefer the second title, to avoid confusion with the book called 'Human Nature' upon which the TV episodes were based.
**In the first part of the level, you'd be the Doctor trying to save Martha, and in the second half, you'd be Martha trying to save the Doctor.

Chapter Three - David Tennant

Levels - Partners in Crime, The Sontaran Strategem, The Unicorn and the Wasp, Silence in the Library, Journey's End, Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars and The End of Time [Total - 9]

Lego Doctor Who - The New Blocks - Volume II (all chapters featuring Matt Smith)

Chapter One

Levels - The Eleventh Hour, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone*, The Vampires of Venice, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood*, Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang [Total - 9]
*The larger title indicates my preferred name for the two-parter.

Chapter Two

Levels - The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon*, Curse of the Black Spot, The Doctor's Wife, The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People*, A Good Man Goes to War, Let's kill Hitler, Closing Time, The Wedding of River Song [Total - 8]
*The larger title indicates my preferred name for the two-parter.

Chapter Three

Levels - We'll have to wait and see!

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