Trio - Mature Audiences Only!

The following is an adult sex story, and a rather graphic one at that. Please bear this in mind.

Standing completely nude, Beverly nervously smiled at him. "I want to try it," she said.

Lyle could barely believe what was happening. "You want to… are you sure?"

"Yeah” she replied, more authority in her voice now that she’d overcome her initial shyness. “I want your sausage in my bun."

Smiling at her childish choice of words, Lyle looked at her and realized she meant it. Had it not been for the equally naked Holly standing to one side, he would have leapt at the girl in front of him, but since that wasn’t the case, he turned and looked at her. Despite the puzzled expression on her face, she nodded, giving him permission to go ahead.

"All right then," he said, grabbing her in a bear-hug and moving to the bed. Carefully he clambered on and laid down, still carrying Beverly in front of him until she got the idea and adjusted herself into a straddling position. His penis, harder then it’d ever been before, was nestled somewhere in between her legs and he felt the shaft rubbing against the short strands of hair she had while the tip was just touching the lips.

He felt so good like this he would have been happy to just leave things like this, but Beverly had other ideas, lifting herself slightly and reaching her hand down to move his dick until it was pointing up, then slowly lowering herself down and letting his hard cock slide in-between her lips.

Both of them gasped as he gradually penetrated her until, when his dick was almost an inch inside her, she stopped the slow descent, leaving him waiting a few agonizing seconds, and then plunged herself straight down, taking his entire shaft inside her tiny body.

Lyle groaned in pleasure. He’d never felt anything this good before – certainly nothing anywhere near as tight – and yet there he was, with a gorgeous girl sitting on top of him, his dick shoved all the way inside her body and her face frozen in a soundless gasp of pleasure. It was almost like a dream.

Waiting until Beverly was ready to move, Lyle looked over at Holly. She was watching in awe as her friend was slowly coming down from the initial feeling of being penetrated so deeply. Having moved right next to the bed she’d seen the entire thing up close, and turned to look at Beverly, her eyes wide with expectation.

“Oh God Holly,” Beverly said in short gasps, “it feels SO good.”

Remembering the videos online she’d found that had gotten her interested in the idea in the first place, Beverly placed both her hands on Lyle’s chest, leaned forward slightly and lifted herself up slightly, allowing Lyle’s cock to start sliding out of her.

The pair of them groaned again, the pleasure almost indescribable. With Holly continuing to watch, Beverly let Lyle’s dick pull almost entirely out of her, and when she felt the tip just reaching the edge, she let herself fall back down, taking the entire thing inside her once again.

Lyle moaned in approval as Beverly once again said nothing, her face frozen in an expression of pure pleasure. She’d put a few things inside of her before, but nothing this big… or good. She managed to look down at Lyle and smile, and he in return placed both his hands on her hips and started to lift her up.

She took the hint and used her hands to help lift herself back up of his dick, but before she could let herself back down Lyle lifted his hips upward and shoved himself into her. She gasped in surprise as he did so, before moaning in pleasure as he let himself drop back out of her. Before she knew what was happening, she’d dropped back down onto his cock once again, eliciting another moan from her.

Holly continued watching in awe as the two lovers started to strike up an up-and-down rhythm. She’d never seen Holly look like this before, an expression of sheer joy on her face as she uttered short moans of exertion. She knew now, more than ever, that she wanted to feel the same way, and spurred on by the couple’s actions, she reached down and touched her own now-tingling privates, sending small shockwaves of pleasure through her whole body as she did so.

As Holly started playing with herself, both Beverly and Lyle looked over and watched while they continued to screw each other. Lyle’s thrusts had started getting faster as the two had gotten more in-sync with each other, and as they watched Holly rub herself the thrusts got faster and faster until Beverly felt a surge of pleasure starting to build. She looked back at Lyle. “Oh God, something’s happening” she gasped as she continued to ride him.

“I know,” Lyle said, also feeling an orgasm coming fast. Determined to make her peak first, he moved one of his hands from Beverly’s hip over to where they were connected and as they continued to thrust into each other, he slowly started to rub the top of her lips.

The effect this had on Beverly was almost instantaneous. She moaned loudly as she felt a huge surge of pleasure and as Lyle continued to rub her she kept on moaning louder and louder as her orgasm approached. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” she moaned over and over as the pleasure built and built until finally it overwhelmed her and she yelled out one final scream of “OH Gooooooood!” as she came.

Both Lyle and Holly stopped what they were doing and watched as Beverly let her first real orgasm overcome her, leaning back and gasping for air as her every fibre was flooded with pleasure.

As the effect caused Beverly’s insides to tighten, the pleasure became too much for Lyle to bear and with a mighty groan he too succumbed to the orgasm he’d been fighting off, and he squeezed Beverly’s body with his hands as he thrust upward one last time, his cock squeezing spurt after spurt of sperm into the tightest place he’d ever had the pleasure of filling.

Beverly cooed with pleasure as she felt the surges inside her, each one bringing with it an extra little jolt of pleasure, the perfect way to end such an incredible experience. Utterly drained, she collapsed forward onto Lyle’s chest, and he wrapped his arms around her, cementing the new relationship the two had forged.

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  1. Love it when Chelsea starts swearing and talking about stuff only adults should know about. Seriously can't stop laughing when she gets that attitude