Games I'd Like to See PS3-HD'd (Article)

Just a basic article I wrote on hearing the rumours of a Metal Gear Solid trilogy PS3-HD collection.

Ape Escape

The Ape Escape games are essentially platformers with one major difference - instead of using the right analogue stick to control the camera, you use it to swing a net so you can catch escaped monkeys instead. And this works amazingly well. The original game on the PS1 had two sequels on the PS2 (as well as a few spin-offs, but we won't look at those), and I'd love to see them HD'd, if only so I can once again chase after those naughty monkeys!

Crash Bandicoot

A pipe dream, I know, but it would be wonderful to see the first three games from the original PS1 remastered in glorious hi-res graphics. Failing that, the more recent titles would be nice. Maybe then I could be convinced to give the blasted things another go. Either way, fans would lap them up.

Dark Cloud/Dark Chronicles

Hey, I'd like to see them anyway. They were both great games, despite having practically nothing in common, and they could well do with a second lease of life. Given how busy Level 5 are at the moment, and their current focus, this may well be nothing more than a dream, but it's a nice one to have all the same.

Kingdom Hearts

There's actually been three PS2 titles in this series - the main two, and the midquel 'Re:Chain of Memories'. Bringing all three to the PS3 in an HD collection would definitely appeal to fans of the series, and it would also help to alleviate Square-Enix's financial woes after FFXIV. I'm surprised they haven't already announced it.

Jak & Daxter

There's been five games in the series (Jak X IS canon, fanboys), and I am positive I'm not the only one who'd like to see them all with gloriously remastered graphics. Naughty Dog may have moved on to the Uncharted series, but that's no reason for them to revisit their earlier classics. Hell, I'd even accept the original trilogy, given how Lost Frontier was developed by High Impact Games. Just give us something, damn it!


Another dream, but there's been two core Klonoa games, the first of which was remade for the Wii a year or two ago, so it's not too hard of a leap to imagine them being HD'd and PS3'd. The games had a wonderful lightness of touch about them and a charm that most games lack these days, so I'd love to see the series return, if only to indulge my inner child.

Ratchet & Clank

This could happen, since the original developers are still working on the franchise. And what a collection it would be! The original four games (yes, that includes Deadlocked), remastered for the PS3, with online multiplayer for R&C3 & Deadlocked and Trophies as well as Skill Points... I guarantee it would sell like hotcakes. Why haven't Insomniac Games announced this yet? It's only a matter of time, surely?


There's been a couple of Rayman games (well, four, not counting the Rabbids subseries) and I'd love to see them return. Rayman 2 is still one of my favourite 3D platformers, and seeing the PS2-remake Revolution in glorious PS3-vision, along with Rayman 3 would be amazing. Include Rayman M, with online support, and you're golden. Might want to turn down the difficulty of the original though, that was hard as nails.


There's been two different Spyro series, but seeing either in HD would be nice. The originals preferably, but since the original developers have moved on (stupid Insomniac making Ratchet and Clank, grr) that's unlikely. It's also unlikely to see the new trilogy remastered, since the last of the three was made by a different developer then the first two. Still, I'd buy it. Maybe others would too.


There's a fourth one rumoured to be in existence, so it's not too much of a stretch to imagine the original trilogy being remastered for the PS3. Throw in some online multiplayer and you've got one hell of a collection - certainly the closest most people will get to the original Goldeneye on the PS3, anyway. It'd be awesome.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

A trilogy of actually quite fun platformers with a very Australian bent. The first was your standard platformer, the second had an open-world aspect and the third is an 'after the apocalypse' sort of game. They're all good, but they seem to have flown under the radar a bit, with the third not actually being released in PAL regions. This could be a good chance to rectify that.

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