Series that need to end (Forum Post)

Yes, another post from a forum. Just be grateful I'm actually posting something.

First off, I'm a single player gamer. I play games for their offline aspect. That's what I will be judging the following on. Don't get angry or irritated at my choices if I pick one you enjoy playing onlone with your friends, because I'm not picking it for that.

Halo - The single player campaigns for all of them were hopeless. The first game literally had copy-pasted corridors that took me hours to get through, and the sequels did nothing to improve the gameplay - if anything, they worsened it by combining the health and shield bars into one, placing you in uninspired and repetitive levels and having a plot that made little to no sense.

Final Fantasy - I wouldn't mind this if they just focused on the core games. But no. They have to make sequels, and prequels, and utterly unrelated spin-offs (Tactics and Crystal Chronicles, I'm looking at you). The stories are pretty much based on the same ideas with new spins, the battle systems have just gotten worse with each one and the latest is just an embarrassment. I do not want to spend 20 hours learning how to play a game. Which leads me neatly on to...

Grand Theft Auto - And by this, I mean the more recent, 'realistic' ones. There's a reason most people prefer Vice City to GTA4 - it's just plain more entertaining. The recent games have been far too gritty and realistic to be much fun at all. The Ballad of Gay Tony was a good step in the right direction, but it's not enough to save the series. Either give us back the zany, over-the-top cartoonish GTAs, or stop making the damn things.

Splinter Cell - This one's bound to be a bit controversial, but hear me out. I thought the first four games were great fun. Sneaking along, performing stealth kills, moving the bodies out of sight... Tense, but extremely rewarding. The new game is nothing like that. While I'd expect a few changes, that's not what Conviction gives us. It's an almost completely different game to the ones that came before it. And that's why this series need to 'die and go away' - because it's not Splinter Cell any more.

Worms - Remember this? Way back in 1995, a few guys made a great turn-based combat 'simulator'. Team17 then spent the next 15 years remaking the same damn game over and over again. 15 years. I'm sick to death of the damn series, I'm sick to death of the cheating AI which always, without fail, uses grenades. I'm sick of all the cute voices which grate after around 30 seconds. And most of all, I'm sick of finding exactly the same game on every single console under the sun.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Do I really need to explain this? Yes? Oh. Well. Ever since Sonic went into 3D, he's pretty much split the fans. I'm with the camp that thinks everything since Sonic Adventure was rubbish. The character could work in a 3D world, but the only game that's really come close to showing that is Unleashed, and you spent half the time in that in 2D-style sections, so it's hardly the best example. There's been a change lately though - Sonic 4 looks like it could be good and Sonic Colo(u)rs might be interesting. But I have little faith for either of these, and if they aren't any good, then this franchise definitely needs to have both barrels. (Yes, I watch ZP*. Who doesn't.)

Assassin's Creed - Heh. Kidding.

*Zero Punctuation. Here's the relevant video.

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